One of the three pillars of Tech Roose is privacy. Privacy is important to me, because I want to find the balance between control over my personal data and convenience of using online services from numerous parties.

To start out, I would like to point you to two sites that I regularly use when a website requires me to sign up with an email address, but I don't actually want to give that website my real email address. For this purpose I usually make up a random email address from an email provider that doesn't require you to sign up. You can see it as an email address that you can use once and that is accessible to everyone. Two of my websites for this are Mailinator and MailDrop.

Some sites might block these providers, but you can find many more on the web. These services are a nice tool for you to exercise control over who you really want to give your email address to and which web services you don't really care about.